Indiana University

Some of Thomas Hart Benton’s most well know large paintings are murals in University buildings in Bloomington, Indiana. They dominate a hall in the Auditorium of the Performing Arts Center. The day I was there a wedding was being set up to take place right beneath them. (the room was too dark for great photos without a tripod, but you can see professionally made photos and read the story of the murals by following this link…the fancy ones don’t, however, include wedding decorations!)




I went into the gallery in the art department. Indiana University is one of the top art schools in the US. The gallery is as large as a small museum, very high ceilings and open floor space with repositionable walls. The current show is based on jewelry and metals. Most of it used jewelry as a concept and the pieces were not really designed to be wearable, rather, the artists used techniques, materials and forms from jewelry making to make small sculpture. The metals show broadly defined metal to include etching (made with metal plates and printed on paper), found objects and sculpture. College galleries are usually free to visit and exhibit innovative art. The work is usually for sale at prices that are as low as they will ever be in an artist’s career.


No No. Brooch by Gary Schott
No No Brooch by Gary Schott
Lego necklace


Indiana University Art Museum in in a building designed by I.M.Pei (same architect as the East Wing of the National Gallery). In front of the entrance is a monumental sculpture in red, by Charles Perry
Indiana Arc, 1995
Painted aluminum

Cash at the IU Art museum, staring at a squirrel
Cash at the IU Art museum, staring at a squirrel


Cash running on the IU soccer fields

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